The Final Secret of Woman Orgasm

Being a woman has a lot of perks. Aside from having multiple choices in terms of clothing and other feminine stuff, women are also capable of having multiple orgasms. Having an orgasm, as it pertains to women, means that they are really satisfied with their experience in bed. Their partners were able to fully give them the sexual satisfaction that they desired.

If you are one of the many men who wish to ensure that they keep on satisfying their female partner in bed and give her the kind of female orgasm that she longs to achieve each time she has sex, then rest assured that there are several ways for you to do that.

All it takes is to fully understand how female orgasm works, so you can use that knowledge in your favor. You have higher chances of satisfying your partner, since you are fully aware of how you can double her pleasure in bed.

For women, keep in mind that orgasm is quite more subjective. It could revolve around experiencing some sort of fireworks or just a flicker of a candle – all these will be dependent on the strength of her pelvic contraction and the specific length of time it lasts.

Of course, it is no longer a secret that the actual key is having bigger and firmer penis as it also means that you’ll drive her to the peak of her orgasm. With a longer and bigger penis, she will more likely get satisfied with your sexual performance, so expect her to be asking for more.

However, take note that you also need to be aware of some sexual techniques that will guarantee that you can really give her a satisfying sexual experience. The best way is to start her engine.

The goal is to become an expert in the art of 15-minute orgasm. It can turn the entire experience into an explosion, which will still cause her to shudder even after two hours.

Yes, it is possible, so there is no need to doubt about your masculinity and your ability to give it to her. It should be noted that the average woman is capable of having an orgasm after around ten to twenty minutes of sexual intercourse.

By giving a unique kind of experience to your woman, you can definitely expect her to stick with you and ask you for more. Such is also a good thing if you want to boost your masculinity and sexual confidence.

 The 15-minute Orgasm Technique

To make the 15-minute female orgasm technique work, you need to follow some useful techniques. Among them are the following:

  • Spend at least three of the total fifteen minutes in kissing – Note that according to research, kissing is a big help in reducing the level of cortisol in your body. Cortisol is a stress hormone, so when you reduce it significantly, it also speeds up the time it requires for you and her to get turned on.

When kissing, a wise tip is tilting your head to the right. It is mainly because this position can make any man appear more caring. The result is that it will flood her system with oxytocin, a connection chemical, so it is no longer surprising if it is a big help in building her trust while stimulating her to reach orgasm fast.

However, take note that kissing in this case does not just advise you to kiss her only in the mouth. It would be best to use the perfect way to warm her up, which is giving her a peck or a hot kiss on the neck. Avoid overdoing it, though. A wise tip is just sliding your lips occasionally to her neck. Doing it occasionally, and not excessively, can prevent her from getting desensitized.

Another thing that can help you make this work is to be more coordinated. Each kiss on her neck should also include the removal of another clothing item. Aside from being a huge help in saving time within your 15-minute window, this also serves as a huge help in combatting any confidence issues that she has about her body.

This can make her feel good. The good news is that if she feels good when naked, then there is a great possibility that she will come sooner than what you initially expected. Give her compliments while you are addressing every part of her body.

Show her that you approve everything about her body, as such will significantly lessen her self-consciousness. The result would be a woman who is confident to satisfy you in bed in just the same way you did to her.

  • Teasing – Now that she is almost naked, do not remove her underwear just yet for one or two minutes. What you have to do is to stroke and caress her private part through her underwear’s fabric. Avoid touching her skin in the private part directly just yet. What you should focus on is to build anticipation, instead of going directly to stimulation.

Make her feel like you have forever before removing her underwear. Such will excite her, further making her sensitive to the stimulation. Once her underwear is removed, let your fingers move slowly. Let them move in circular motions insider her vagina.

A lot of women want their men to focus on their G-spot, PS-spot, and clitoris, so be aware of where these are. Make sure that you are fully aware of what you are doing. Women love it when their men know exactly what to do with their hands.

  • Flexing your love muscle – Most sexologists agree that the most surefire route of letting up to eighty percent of women reach orgasm is cunnilingus. Using one of your hands, pull her clitoral hood up. After that, lick it from side to side.

Make sure to do it across the base found just on top of her clitoris. Put one of your fingers on the perineum. This is the part that’s directly beneath her vagina’s opening. Assess whether she is already reaching pre-orgasmic contractions as these will indicate that you are doing everything correctly.

  • Go for the entry – With everything that have already been said, it is necessary for you to remember that female orgasms do not only involve foreplay. According to sexual experts, consistent orgasm is achievable based on the length of sexual intercourse, not actually on how long the foreplay is.

There are also studies that show that the average climax of a woman can be reached seven minutes right after the penetration. That said, it is the ideal time for you to move aboard, so you can begin the final step of the experience that will surely make her explode and tremble with satisfaction.

However, you need to avoid deep thrusts. Go for the Coital Alignment Technique, instead. You can perform it by starting in a classic missionary position. Once you are in that position, pull back in such a way that your penis’ base stay on her clitoris. Let your feet brace on the bed’s foot so you can rock forward and backward, instead of just thrusting.

Doing so will let your penis massage her clitoris in a gentle manner, which can make her feel good while also providing you with pulsating and slow yet controllable sensations. You can also choose to do the sensory overload technique. It requires you to stimulate her G-spot and clitoris simultaneously, which is an effective way to let her reach orgasm fast.

The best position if you want to try this technique is to have her from behind. It is mainly because working on the former also gives you the opportunity to get sex toy reinforcements so you can handle the latter.

The Importance of Creating Massive Sexual Tension

Ensuring that you’ll be giving her the most unforgettable orgasm is also possible by creating massive sexual tension. It builds up desire, which is a great start for any sexual activity. The goal is to create a lot of sexual tension to make it easier for you to give her a great orgasm.

To create sexual tension, it is necessary to tease her frequently and early on. You can send her a sexy text message or indulge in some skin-to-skin contact. By the time you and her get to your bed, you can expect her to have a really strong desire for sex. This is a good way to ensure that even if she already had her first orgasm, she will still be hungry for more.

Kiss the Right Part of her Spine

Another way for you to give her the kind of sexual satisfaction she deserves and give her more than just one orgasm is to stimulate her by kissing or touching the right part of her spine. Note that touching her on this part can make any woman melt more. It is mainly because the brain’s left side controls the woman’s right side so it is known for being the logical part, which can stimulate her.

The good news is that you can do more to her on that part of the body, instead of just kissing. It could involve stroking her, teasing her gently, or doing something that will stimulate her senses. A simple touch and kiss on that area is often enough to cover a wide millage. The mileage is also better from this as the touch is more intense for her than any other form of stimulation.

Grow the Size of your Penis

The size of your penis can also make or break your experience with your partner. With a firmer and bigger penis, you can give her more than what she initially expected. The good news is that even if you are unsatisfied with your present size, you have an assurance that it is not permanent. That said, there are several ways and techniques that you can use to make it grow bigger.

In fact, there are certain exercises that target the area and help you get the size that you desire. The following are just some of the many techniques that can help you get a bigger size of penis – the ultimate secret to female orgasm and sexual satisfaction.

  • Warm-up Exercises – If you want to increase the size of your penis through proper exercises, then be aware that warming up prior to performing your chosen workout is a must. You can warm up by retrieving the erect state of your penis.


You can do so while sitting at the edge of a chair. Hold a towel on top of your penis’ head, increase it then let it stay in that position for 3-5 seconds. Do 3 or 5 sets of this warm-up exercise composed of 5-10 reps.

In case you feel like you have more strength, then rest assured that you can increase the resistance with the help of a larger towel. You can also use a wet towel. Just make sure that regardless of which one you use, you put it on top of the penis head.

Another way to warm up is to use a warm cloth soaked in warm water. Squeeze the cloth correctly before putting it on the head. The good thing about warming up is that it lets you start your journey towards significantly increasing the size of your penis without the use of any pills or medications.

  • Lubrication – After the warm-up, the lubrication exercise should follow right away. It is the perfect way to make your penis grow bigger using natural means. The good news is that it is easy for you to find several lubricants designed to enlarge your penis. The most commonly used ones, though, are those based on water and petroleum.

If possible, go for a lubricant, which contains antioxidants, vitamin complexes and botanical extracts as you can expect these components to move directly into the your penis’ tissues. This ensures that you will enjoy targeted, instant and quick results.

If you are planning to use the water-based lubricant, then be aware that it dries so fast. That said, it is advisable for you to apply it during the time when you are already exercising.

  • Actual Penis Enlargement Exercise – One exercise that you can do requires you to hold your penis as the first step. One tip is to let one of your hands hold the head while the other hand should surround the first hand. While holding your penis, make sure to stretch and rotate it for thirty times. The rotation direction should be to the left.

Once done, take a rest then gently massage your penis. Right after the massage, stretch and rotate it but this time, the direction should be to the right. Do this step for around thirty times. Rest for a bit before moving to another side. Make it a habit to do this exercise on a daily basis as it is known for significantly increasing the length of your penis.

Do not forget to warm up, though, as failing to perform warmup exercises might only cause you to experience pain when you are stretching the area. One great thing about stretching is that it is known for being the most effective exercise for penis enlargement.

However, be patient when doing so. It is also necessary for you to do it correctly. Once you get a bigger penis with the help of this exercise, you will be on your way towards giving your woman the kind of sexual experience she will never forget.


Giving your woman the best orgasm is possible if you are just fully aware of some techniques that will let you explore her sexuality. Make it a point to stimulate her senses.

In addition, do not forget to do some exercises guaranteed to increase the size of your penis as having a bigger manhood also means that you have in your possession the ultimate secret to giving her orgasm.